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All of our scissors have a lifetime manufacturers guarantee

Edge Revival warrants its shears to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the LIFE OF THE SHEAR excluding damage and normal wear.

Abuse or accident is not covered by this warranty.

Most accidental damage can be repaired at our normal service charge. For charges see service information.

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Product List
3 Piece Dry Cutting Set

This set consists of 3 different scissors that are perfect for each cutting style. This set is perfect for wet and dry cutting techniques. These scissors are hand made from advanced alloy Hitachi ATS-314 molybdenum vanadium cobalt stainless 

The set includes the following three scissors and is available in left and right handed sets.:.

  1. ER Blunt cutter - this scissor allows the cutter to maneuver more easily. It will cut from pivot to tip without any pushing. 
  2. ER Slicer. This scissor slide cuts evenly and cleanly away for the scalp even on dry hair.
  3. ER 29/3. The 29/3 allows vertical slide texturising without any pulling and offers a variety of techniques previously not possible.

Platform artists and hairdressers working in Haut Coiffure love this set as it covers the basic dry cutting techniques. These scissors are the scissors of the future.

However - these scissors are to be used correctly, so training is included

 These are specialty scissors dedicated finishing scissors.

Product: 3 Piece Dry Cutting Set
Size Slicer 6.0 inch blade, Texturizer 10 tooth and Texturizer 29 teeth - 3 serrations
Price (incl GST) $2,950.00
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